Nzatu at Host Milan 2023

Aqua e Polveri & Nzatu responsible coffee at Host Milan 2023.

From breakfast to mixology with responsible coffee.

World premiere of Nzatu responsible coffee
On Monday 16th of October, Nzatu and Aqua e Polveri will be among the protagonists at HOST, the international hospitality exhibition.
“Nzatu responsible coffee”, a selection of coffees created together with the international cooperation project Nzatu food group. A good cup of coffee is about responsibility, not only to the environment and the coffee bean but to the communities that grow the coffee.

Aqua e Polveri works in Nzatu as a strategic and operational advisor for the coffee division, through the training of farmers and the development of market connection. 

Would you like to know more? On Monday 16th of October, you will have the chance to discover more about this reality, meet some of the people involved and taste Nzatu’s responsible coffee, which will be brewed for the occasion with the iconic Modbar.

Nzatu Food Group ad Host Milano 2023
Nzatu is based on a model of regenerative agriculture, which works to produce sustainable food without interfering with natural resources, while preserving the habitat of wildlife. It focuses on training and supporting capabilities of small scale and medium-size business that are involved in honey and coffee bean production.

What’s In It For Farmers?
Hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers collectively produce 80% of the food in sub-Saharan Africa. Household income for these smallholder farmers could rise up to US$ 150 per year. By 2040, through just a 50% adoption of regenerative agriculture across Africa, farmers could see:
• 30% reduction in soil erosion
• Up to a 60% increase in water infiltration rates
• 24% increase in nitrogen content
• 20% increase in carbon content, or higher depending on the intervention – and not just topsoil (this is huge as soil is the second biggest storehouse of carbon, after oceans).

The benefits are even greater when shrubs and grasses are promoted through agroforestry.

Honey and Coffee
Currently sourcing produce from most countries in the Miombo woodlands region and beyond. All produce is responsibly sourced from Nzatu’s network of smallholder farms.
All produce is certified and traceable. Nzatu’s network of strategic partners in biodiversity and agroforestry can ensure that the produce is sourced responsibly.
Honey: Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda.
Coffee: Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 16th of October at HOST in Milan, Modbar space in hall 14 – stand E34, to discover the world of responsible coffee used for breakfast and in mixology. 

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